2014 Western PA. 3-D Archery Calendar - Online
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wf = women shoot free yf = youth shoot free sf = seniors shoot free ff = fathers shoot free af = appreciation shoot   bb=bare bow shoot free
tr = traditional shoot  ns = night shoot  wp = weather permitting ibo = ibo qualifier asa = asa qualifier $s= money shoot

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IBO Tornaments

ASA Tornaments

Misc Events

Clairton Sportsmen’s Club
3D every Wednesday night from 4:00 until dusk. We put out 24 targets for $7.00. Shooting will continue until October 1st which will be the last shoot. The last shoot will also be the drawing for a tree stand and free food and drinks.

The “Prime Total Archery Challenge” is coming to Seven Springs, Pennsylvania on May 16-18th, Snow Bird, UT July 11-13th and Big Sky, MT on August 8-10th and we want you there! The Total Archery Challenge has partnered with Prime bows by G5 to bring Seven Springs, Pennsylvania the world’s greatest out door 3D Shoot and Expo. We work hard to provide a fun, family friendly environment where everyone can enjoy the great sport of archery. It’s like we always say “Life… It’s Better with a Bow!”
The Total Archery Challenge, or TAC, is the foremost leader in fun non-competitive outdoor 3D shoots and expos in the United States. We work hard to provide our participants with real world archery shots in a safe and family friendly environment. Participants can expect:
 100+ 3D archery targets
 3 different courses with targets from 10 yd’s to 100 yd’s
 Pop-up System with moving 3D targets
 Novelty Shots with the chance to win multiple prizes
 Vendors with the latest outdoor products
 Free Education for novice and beginners
 An Amazing Venue
 Fun for the whole family
 Great food and Fun!
This is the one archery event you do not want to miss. All participants that pre-register will get a free t-shirt, and a free entry to win a Prime or Quest bow (“The One” is not included). Please feel free to contact us any time we look forward to seeing you soon.
Register today for a chance to win a new Bow @
The Total Archery Challenge Staff


2014 Indiana County Bow & Gun
3_D Indoor Bow Challange League
Click Here

2014 Indiana County Bowman Team Money Shoot
April 19
Click Here for Flyer

Sligo 2014 Indoor League Schedule
Begins January 3 6:30 PM
For Information Call: 814-764-3746

Burnt Ridge Bow & Gun Club

The 2014 Breast Cancer Shoot

600 Round PSAA
January 10th , 11th & 12th
Adult -$10.00
Youth -$8.00

Line times are as follows:
Friday 7PM
Saturday 2PM & 6PM
Sunday 10AM

Youth Shoot:
Sunday 2PM Youth Shoot (Up to 14 Years Old)
All Participants receive a trophy
10 & 20 Yards

Kitchen will be open!
50/50 will be held during each line!

Call Dawn to reserve lanes at 724-525-0507


2014 Indoor League :
The league will run January 13th through March 17th, 2014 on Monday Nights. We will shoot a 300 NFAA Vegas Round each week for score while also using a handicap system for scoring. Doors open at 6:30 P.M. - Scoring starts at 7 P.M. For more info, send email to cunninghamarchery@gmail.com or call 724-526-5724.

Northside sportsman,Warrendale Pa Thursday Night 3-D
Starts December 26th
Every thursday till april
5pm till 9pm

2014 Possum Hollow Indoor Archery Shoots

 5    Saltsburg
12    Kingston

2   Saltsburg
     9    Kingston

2    Saltsburg
      8    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
      9    Kingston, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
    16    Buffalo Valley, Lloydsville
    23    Keystone, Collier, Dayton, Indiana, Blue Goose
    30    Five Points, Pitcairn-Monroeville

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  6    Saltsburg, Beaver Valley, Keystone, Blue Goosen, East Monongahela, Falcon, Boone Mtn, East Huntingdon
    12    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans, Jenner
    13    Five Points, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans,  Jenner
    19    Indiana (team ms)
    26    Tremont
    27    Buffalo Valley, Bull Creek, Rochester, Collier, Dayton, Portage, Rembrandt, North Butler, Pitcairn-Monroeville, Lloydsville
    28    Portage

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4    Saltsburg (wf), Beaver Valley, Five Points, Oneida, East Monongahela, Falcon (IBO), East Huntingdon, Barr Twp.
10    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans (also ns)
11    Northside Sportsmen, Indiana(wf), Blue Goose, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans  (also ns), Ambridge         
18    Kingston, Buffalo Valley, Bull Creek, Patton, Connoquenessing Valley, Portage, North Butler, Pitcairn-Monroeville, Boone Mtn, Tremont, Lloydsville, Sligo
    19    Portage
    25    Rochester, Collier,  Rembrandt
    31    Pitcairn-Monroeville (traditional only)


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1     Saltsburg, Beaver Valley, East Monongahela, Portage, Falcon, Barr Twp.
     2     Portage
 7     Rembrandt(team ms)
  8     Oneida, Northside Sportsmen , Shannock Valley, Knights Of Columbus, Indiana, Blue Goose, Sligo
14    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
15    Bull Creek, Connoquenessing Valley, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
21    Jenner(IBO State Champ), Tremont
22    Patton, Rochester, Collier, Dayton,  Jenner(IBO State Champ), Gallitzin
28    Blue Goose(night shoot)
 29    Trafford, Pitcairn-Monroeville, East Huntingdon, Boone Mtn, Barr Twp., Ambridge, Rochester Mills  

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6    Saltsburg (yf), Beaver Valley, East Monongahela, Falcon, Indiana (team shoot)
    12    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
    13    Five Points, Patton, Shannock Valley, Knights Of Columbus, Blue Goose, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans, Ambridge, Sligo 
    19    Tremont
    20    Bull Creek, Keystone, Connoquenessing Valley, Barr Twp.
    27    Trafford, Northside Sportsmen, Rochester, Collier, Portage,  Rembrandt, Pitcairn-Monroeville,  Rochester Mills' Flood City 
    28    Portage

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3     Saltsburg, Beaver Valley, East Monongahela, East Huntingdon, Gallitzin 
 9    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
 10     Five Points, Kingston (yf), Patton, Knights Of Columbus, Blue Goose, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans , Portage, Falcon, Sligo
 11    Portage
17    Oneida, Bull Creek, Northside Sportsmen, Shannock Valley, Connoquenessing Valley, Portage,  Jenner, North Butler, Boone Mtn, Barr Twp., Lloydsville(yf),  Rochester Mills (Hunt of a Lifetime)
18    Portage
23    Pitcairn-Monroeville, Tremont 
24    Trafford, Keystone, Rochester, Collier, Dayton, Portage,  Rembrandt, Pitcairn-Monroeville, Sligo
25    Portage
30    Beaver Valley(memorial shoot)
31    Indiana, Ambridge, Gallitzin, Flood City

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 6    Falcon, Beaver Valley
7    Saltsburg (hog roast),  Beaver Valley, Five Points, Portage, Falcon, East Huntingdon, Sligo, Gallitzin 
 8    Beaver Valley, Portage
13    Collier(Bionic Buck), Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
14    Kingston, Oneida, Patton, Shannock Valley(Cancer Society Benefit), Knights Of Columbus, Dayton , Blue Goose, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans, Portage, North Butler, Pitcairn-Monroeville, Boone Mtn,  Rochester Mills 
15    Portage
20    Tremont, Sligo(Rendevzous)
 21    Buffalo Valley, Bull Creek, Keystone(Hunt of a Lifetime), Indiana, East Monongahela, Connoquenessing Valley, Portage, Boone Mtn(chicken bbq), Barr Twp., Sligo(Rendevzous), Lloydsville(free food and drink), Flood City, Tremont
 22    Portage
27    Conneaut Lake Sportsmans
28    Trafford, Collier, Conneaut Lake Sportsmans,  Rembrandt, Ambridge, Flood City

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